An Almost Murder Mystery®

A Guide To Help Inspire Conversations About Advanced Care Planning

An Almost Murder Mystery®

A Guide To Help Inspire Conversations About Advanced Care Planning

Brief Synopsis

An Almost Murder Mystery® is a play written to creatively engage a variety of individuals, such as: co-workers in health care settings, the community, and their families when the “what if’s” in life happen. Even though the patient in the play thought she had prepared appropriately, family dynamics in the play will make you think differently.

Overview Of The Drama

You will be invited into the home of Agnus Rogers, where her four adult children and son-in-law gather following a visit to Agnus in the Intensive Care unit of the hospital. Agnus was in a sudden and trajic car accident that left her with a severe traumatic brain injury. She cannot speak for herself. It is questionable if she will even survive and in what condition.

In an emotional performance, theatre becomes real life. Planning and conversations are the key. An Almost Murder Mystery® is a creative way to reach community members

“An Almost Murder Mystery is a brilliant way to convey the importance of planning ahead in case the inevitable happens. It leaves you empowered to have a conversation with your loved ones about your final wishes.”

– Natalie Spiczka

Promotional Resources

Included in the kit are promotional resources such as this teaser trailer which will help you connect with potential participants and inspire them to attend your event. Use this video at your place of work or worship to help spread the word!

What is included in the kit?

  • A copy of the play: An Almost Murder Mystery®
  • Clip of the play for advertising
  • Bio of Actors
  • Facilitator Guide, including agenda
  • Hand Out Exercises
  • Health Care Directive
  • Guide to Health Care Directive
  • Educational Materials
  • Powerpoint Presentation


®®Q: Why show An Almost Murder Mystery?

A: This play is a creative way to demonstrate how complex family dynamics can become, even when a Health Care Directive is in place. It is more than just the document – conversations matter!

Q: Who benefits from a showing of An Almost Murder Mystery®?

A: Healthcare workers, Faith Community nurses, Advance Care Planning facilitators, and community members can all benefit from a showing.

Q: Where should a showing of An Almost Murder Mystery be held?

A: An Almost Murder Mystery® can be shown at any location where audio and visual equipment is available. It could be in a more formal setting, like a faith center or a hospital training room, or as informal as the living room of a family, friend, or neighbor!

Q: How long would a showing of An Almost Murder Mystery® last?

A:We would suggest planning for a 1-hour event. The play is 22 minutes long. Time should be allotted for an introduction before showing the play, as well as a Q&A time afterwards. Agenda options are included with the Facilitator’s Guide. 


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